Six Million BAM for Employment in Republika Srpska Entity

The Republika Srpska government has increased allocations for employment support, especially for the veteran population and youth, from 10.9 million to 16.9 million BAM, said Mira Vasic, assistant minister of labor and veteran-disabled protection of RS.

As she explained, instead of employing the 2,209 people planned so far, 3,292 people could be employed, reminding that the Action Plan was adopted on June 16, Nezavisne Newspapers reports.

She added that the Ministry of Labor and Veterans’ and Disabled Protection and the Employment Bureau have issued a public invitation to employers and unemployed persons to submit applications for employment, ie self-employment.

When it comes to the project “Together to work”, Vasic pointed out that the Government has decided to increase the incentive for the employment of unemployed demobilized fighters from 5,000 marks per unemployed person to 7,000 BAM.

Vasic said that a total of 1,197 people from veteran categories would be employed instead of the planned 190. When it comes to interns, she pointed out that the employment of 615 people was previously planned and four million marks were approved, and now the number of people has been increased to 821, or 206 more interns, while, as she pointed out, the total funds for this project were 5.4 million marks.

Vasic said that the Government had made a decision to take care of the workers of the Unis Factory from Derventa, so that for those 114 who lost their jobs due to the opening of bankruptcy proceedings and could not exercise their right to unemployment insurance through the Employment Bureau, they set aside 359,000 marks for and purposes.

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