Six Citizens mistakenly transferred to Center which accommodates Coronavirus Positive Patients


Republika Srpska Minister of Health and Social Welfare Alen Seranic expects those who made the omissions to held accountable, as residents of Republika Srpska who arrived on Tuesday in Banja Luka, accompanied by police, instead of quarantine at the Secondary School, they were transferred to the Student Center “Nikola Tesla”, which accommodates patients infected with coronavirus.

Seranic said he was sorry it happened and apologized to the people who came into the situation and their families. “They are six people, and one of them entered the so-called red zone, within the Student Center “Nikola Tesla”, Vijesti.ba news portal reports.

After about ten minutes, an error was detected and they were transferred to the “Protect Me” Center. They were inspected, their clothes and shoes disinfected. It is understandable that they are very upset and they were provided with psychological support,” Seranic said at a press conference today.

These individuals will be tested on May 3.

“I expect everyone in the chain of this event to take responsibility for this omission,” said Seranic, adding that every effort would be made to preserve the health status of these persons.

The minister said that due to the relaxation of discipline among citizens, when it comes to coronavirus protection, measures for the coming holidays will be very seriously considered.



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