SIPA proudly promoted the Third Generation of Cadets

February 12, 2019 4:00 PM

At the premises of the State, Investigation and Protection Agency (SIPA) in East Sarajevo 18 SIPA cadets passed a solemn oath to the BiH Security Minister Dragan Mektic. By assuming an oath, they officially became SIPA officers in the role of a policeman.

After having passed rigorous selection as part of the vacancy procedure for the SIPA cadre reception, 18 attendees attended and successfully completed basic police training for the police officers, conducted by the Agency for Education and Professional Training.

BiH Security Minister Dragan Mektić said that they should be proud to be part of SIPA, which, thanks to their work and results, has grown into a leading and respectable police agency. He stressed that citizens have confidence in SIPA.

SIPA Director Perica Stanic, speaking to cadets, said that SIPA today proudly promotes the third generation of cadets and said that it is a great honor and responsibility to be a SIPA police officer and that they are expected to be legally employed by a police officer, professionally and honestly, and always be in the service of citizens.


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