SIPA Police Officers and Prosecutor’s Office are carrying out Activities on the Respirators Case


“We would like to inform the public that only the Prosecutor’s Office of Bosnia and Herzegovina can provide full quality information on the activities conducted in this case,” the Prosecutor’s Office stated in the press release on Tuesday.

By order of the Prosecutorial team, even now, SIPA police officers are carrying out certain activities to collect the material needed to document all actions and activities that are relevant to the case of purchase of respirators.

The Prosecutor’s Office of Bosnia and Herzegovina understands the great interest of the public and therefore we will be informing the public in a timely manner, making sure not to jeopardize the work on the ongoing investigation.

The Prosecutorial team is working constantly and continuously, conducting field activities almost on a daily basis. An order to conduct investigation has been issued and dozens of persons have been questioned so far.

We must note that some of the allegations that appeared in the media in the past two days are incorrect, namely, that no order was issued to conduct an investigation, and that expert analysis of Viber communication has been requested from Austria, as well as other unverified allegations that could be detrimental to the work on the case.

In addition, all agencies and institutions which participate in the investigation together with the Prosecutor’s Office act on the instructions of the Prosecutorial team managing the investigative actions and collect evidence and perform activities as ordered by the Prosecutor’s Office of Bosnia and Herzegovina.


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