SIPA Police checks Procurement of Respirators in Republika Srpska Entity


The State Investigation and Protection Agency (SIPA) is checking the media and other information on the procurement of respirators in Republika Srpska, a SIPA spokesman Luka Miladinovic confirmed for Avaz news portal.

SIPA members check the information published by the media, as well as other information on the procurement of respirators for the health system of Republika Srpska.

“If there are elements for a criminal offense, we will inform the Prosecutor’s Office about everything,” Miladinovic said. PDP party President Branislav Borenovic announced two days ago that the Health Insurance Fund signed a contract with “Medietik” on April 8 for the purchase of 50 respirators at a price of 157,312 BAM, which is a total of 7.86 million BAM with VAT.

As it was pointed out, six million BAM was paid in advance, and the delivery deadline was April 24. These devices were delivered on May 14, and the purchase price is 2.9 million BAM.



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