SIPA-‘Krimolovci’ Received 344 Calls and 72 Useful Tips in April

krimolovciPolice officers of the State Investigation and Protection Agency (SIPA) registered 344 calls in April through their telephone line ‘Krimolovci’ (crime stoppers), of which 132 were deemed to be not serious.

They received 72 useful tips from citizens on committed or planned crimes and their perpetrators during April, on the basis of which the same number of reports were made.

The largest amount of information related to criminal offenses of abuse of office (13) and illicit trafficking (9).

Of the total number of received information, 72 of them, together with the reports, were sent for further processing to the relevant law enforcement authorities of B&H, and SIPA acted on seven of them.

In the reporting period, 62 received feedback from the relevant police authorities, which were related to the previously submitted information received through ‘Krimolovci’.

On this basis, it was found that the handling of such information resulted in filing to the competent prosecutors three reports on crime committed and the perpetrators, and six reports for further evaluation.

In addition, police officers of SIPA gave 139 tips to citizens who contacted them through an anonymous and free telephone number of ‘Krimolovci’ (080 020 505), announced SIPA.

(Source: Fena)

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