Silajdzic: The April Package is a Humiliation for all of those Killed who gave their Lives for this Country

Haris Silajdzic, a former member of the Presidency of BiH, said that the appointment of Joe Biden as President of the United States represents a key moment for BiH that we cannot miss.

”Biden is a good man, a real man in the right place, at the right time as far as the whole world is concerned, globally. He is a man of goodwill. It is clear that he will need to face big challenges, especially when it comes to the coronavirus. What we are interested in is the relationship with Europe, where we are, and with NATO, where we are not yet, but I hope we will be,” said Silajdzic in the Central News with Senad Hadzifejzovic on FACE TV.

He hopes that there will be a civil state and a civil system like in the rest of Europe, and he underlined that in BiH people have been deprived of the right to be the citizens of their country.

Silajdzic hopes that BiH will be an important factor for Biden. He also talked about the package of constitutional reforms in BiH, better known as the April package, which is being imposed on the agenda once again.

”The April package ensures that one entity and one people in that entity has full domination over the other entity, the other two peoples, and all state institutions, ” Silajdzic pointed out.

He pointed out that now there is the Memorandum 2 – Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, which is very detailed, emphasizing that the Dayton Agreement should have been completed and that Annex 7 has not yet been implemented, and the number of people who will be able to return and those who will be able to vote depends on it.

”It is not all legitimate. The April package is a humiliation for all of those killed who gave their lives for our country. I cannot figure out the motive behind it. I would say they have not even read it. We cannot play because of the people who died for this country. Some experts have praised this package for a very long time, but I guarantee that they have not read it, ” Silajdzic said.

He pointed out that the destroyers of Bosnia cannot wait to see the absence of this state, so the entities can appear.

”Then they would say, you see how beautiful it is when there is no state. BiH as a state in inconvenient for them, as a name, as a history, ” said Silajdzic.

He also says that he has formed relations with people from America, and primarily Biden, emphasizing that there are no Bosniak diplomats in the BiH Embassy in Washington.

Silajdzic said it was important for BiH to join NATO.

”Those who want a Greater Serbia should not expand horizontally, but to expand their horizons. The entry of BiH into NATO would be the end of Greater Serbia dreams, ” Silajdzic concluded, Avaz writes.

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