Significant Progress Achieved in B&H’s Compliance with its International Politico-Military Commitments, Says Head of OSCE Mission

osce_bihThe 6th Review Conference on B&H’s compliance with the OSCE and UN security commitments in the politico-military field was held in Sarajevo in the beginning of December, and its conclusions were released on 12 December 2013.

Commenting on the conclusions, Fletcher M. Burton, Head of the OSCE Mission to B&H said that Bosnia and Herzegovina had made clear progress in the fulfillment of its international security obligations, particularly those related to the exchange of information under the OSCE Code of Conduct on Politico-Military Aspects of Security.

He also welcomed the establishment by the B&H Council of Ministers of the official Co-ordination Team for Implementation of the OSCE and UN Security Commitments of B&H, and encouraged continued co-operation between the Ministries.

“The security commitments B&H has undertaken do not always fall within the remit of a single ministry, therefore the need for co-ordination is of utmost importance.”

Over the years, the annual Compliance Review Conference in B&H has become a major forum for reflection, constructive discussion and debate on the implementation of security commitments and confidence and security-building measures in B&H.

(Source: OSCE B&H)

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