Significant Increase in Number of Coronavirus Positive Persons in Bosnia and Herzegovina


In the last 24 hours, there were 26 new cases of persons positive for COVID-19 in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the cases have been registered in the Zenica-Doboj, Tuzla, Una-Sana, Herzegovina-Neretva and the Sarajevo cantons.

“So far, 41,569 samples have been tested in the Federation of BiH and COVID-19 has been confirmed in 1,188 persons,” stated the Institute of Public Health of the Federation of BiH.

Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) has been confirmed in 27 cases in Republika Srpska, after testing 299 samples, and newly infected 18 are women and nine men.

According to the place of residence, seven people are from Kotor Varoš, five from Zvornik, four from Kostajnica, two each from Prijedor, Modriča and Doboj and one each from Banja Luka, Teslić, Gradiška, Bijeljina and Trebinje.

So far, 1.567 cases of coronavirus have been confirmed in RS, and a total of 117 people have died.

A total of 1.082 people recovered, representing 69.05 percent of the total confirmed cases of infection.


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