Shocking Scene of Tons of Garbage in Vrbas River!

After abundant rainfalls and floods, garbage had accumulated and started to go downstream with Vrbas River.

How little attention is paid to the environment, and destroyed it is now, are best seen in the shocking scenes coming from Bocac.

Apart from the waste generated, a major problem arises in river basins that are clogged, so water is pouring out of the bed, which can lead to terrible consequences.

Hundreds of families in several Bosnian towns and surrounding settlements spent a sleepless night on Monday, fearing that the 2014 scenario when floods and landslides ravaged parts of the country and forced many to leave their homes, may happen again.

The most severe cases were recorded in the area surrounding the northern cities and towns of Banja Luka, Sanski Most, Celinac, Teslic, Doboj, Maglaj…, where authorities declared the state of emergency.

(Photo: nezavisne)

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