Sheikh Al Qasimi: We will build O3 Hotel on Igman, and invest in Health Tourism

March 24, 2017 2:00 PM

sheik-al-qasimiHotel Feri on Veliko Polje on Igman is about to get a completely new look. Sheikh Mohammed Al Qasimi, the owner of Sunnyland, decided to invest in this object as well, and he put a special emphasis on the content for sports. Hotel Feri will be called O3, which is a mark for the ozone molecule. Ecological and climatic conditions are ideal on Igman because this BH mountain has the highest ozone concentrations in Europe and therefore is considered as a health resort.

Hotel O3 will have 65 rooms, and considering the fact that it will be fully adapted to sports teams, it will include several football fields, tennis courts, basketball courts for camps and academies, jogging trails, wellness facilities and swimming pool. The hotel will also include the doctor’s room and rooms for massage. They are planning to finish the construction before the start of EYOF, namely until the beginning of 2019. This project represents support of infrastructure development of EYOF (European Youth Olympic Festival), which will be held in our country in 2019.

“Since I love sports, I realized that BiH is in a quite difficult situation when it comes to offers of sports facilities. We have more than 20 clubs in the UAE, and due to high temperatures, they decide to train throughout Europe, but not in BiH. We are a team with ideas and we work in three directions when it comes to tourism in BiH. The first is family tourism, and we are already working on it. We received the support in this regard from Fly Dubai. Now we want to focus primarily on sports tourism. This is a very important aspect. The third type of tourism that we intend to consider in the future is health tourism. BiH has plenty of natural resources, healthy waters… There were some thoughts even before we came. But they were just not realized,” said Sheikh Al Qasimi.

He added that there is no interesting location so far, which they would consider for making health resort, but they are intensively thinking about it. Until then, they will stay focused on the sports aspect and their wish is to finish the project on Igman, and then continue to look for other possibilities in BiH.

Sheikh Al Qasimi emphasized that it is particularly important that people understand what health tourism means.

“We have a group of diseases on the rise in the Gulf. We need good doctors and medical services for these diseases. When we finish this hotel, we will start with consideration of this idea. Moreover, we also have sports injuries and injuries in car accidents, for which we need health resort as well. We are thinking about all of that,” stated Al Qasimi.

Sheikh “was lucky” to meet good people here, and they are looking how to improve the offer and do the best for the citizens of BiH on a daily basis. They present a positive side and benefits of our country and nation, and they are doing new projects and thinking about future investments accordingly.

He also added that they will not stop investing as long as they find open hands in BiH.

“What we are interested in is the number of employees on individual projects and the amount of money that comes to BiH. The other thing that interests us is the importance of the project and its benefits. We still have not completed the project Sunnyland. Now ahead of us is a project of the hotel and sports complex on Igman, whose price could reach the amount of 10 million EUR. We are planning to open around 100 workplaces in this object,” stated Al Qasimi.

Amusement Park Sunnyland, which is owned by Sheikh Mohammed Al Qasimi, was opened last year in August. It has become one of the favorite places for Sarajevans, as well as tourists who are regular guests on Zlatiste. Whoever headed for Trebevic on weekends, witnessed the traffic jams and a large crowd because everyone wants to spend time with their family or friends in Sunnyland.

Sheikh Al Qasimi said that they are not planning to expand capacities in the near future due to the spatial limitations of the land where the amusement park is located.

“I have an idea that I was not able to share with my colleagues. We can make some kind of expansion but on a different location. I cannot say yet where it would be exactly located because everything is still in the phase of consideration and it all depends on what response we will get when we propose the idea. We’ll see what the time will bring,” said Al Qasimi, adding that he considers Sunnyland as one of the most important projects in his entire life.

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