Shameful Decrease of Miner’s Salaries by 200 BAM amid Coronavirus Crisis



The Federation of Independent Trade Unions of Bosnia and Herzegovina finds it shameful and totally unacceptable for the decision of the RMU Zenica authorities to reduce the workers’ salaries by an average of 200 BAM.

They point out that, given the fact that since the start of the pandemic, miners have been diligently performing their day-to-day tasks and that despite difficult working conditions, they have fulfilled the plan, the question is what message is being sent to these workers.

“Does this mean that their work, effort and risking their lives are being ‘rewarded’ by a pay cut? Is this, in fact, the beginning of a scenario that the Federation of Independent Trade Unions of Bosnia and Herzegovina has sharply opposed, which plans to reduce salaries for all public sector and public employees Does this mean that medical professionals, police officers or education workers should expect the same message in the coming days,” the SSSBiH wonders.

They emphasize that it is absolutely unacceptable for a union to reduce wages to any worker, especially at a time when they are doing their job in harsh conditions. They also state that there are many places from which funds can be withdrawn at this time, thus compensating for potential losses and ensuring the functioning of funds, institutes and the like. First of all, they refer to the various fees received by elected officials at all levels, as well as their high salaries, financing of political parties from the budget, credit funds that are in the accounts of ministries, but not spent on capital investment projects, etc.

Zenica miners have suspended work at both mine facilities because of a decision by the Management Board of Zenica Coal Mining Company (RMUZ) to reduce their salaries by about 200 BAM in March, is confirmed to Fena news agency by President of the RMUZ Trade Union Nijaz Vardo.

The first work was interrupted by the miners of the Stara Jama facility, and afterwards in the Raspotje pit.

The administration complied with the decision to increase the hourly rate to 2.70, but took us the allowances we were entitled to under the Pay Regulations, which has been in effect for the past 10 years.

The union was neither informed nor given its consent to such a decision, so the reaction of the miners was expected and logical.

Reducing someone’s salary by 200 BAM in a time like this, especially when the production is 49,000 tons per month, is neither normal nor right,Vardo said.


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