Shame! A Video Game Based on the Srebrenica Massacre

April 2, 2014 12:59 PM

videoigraThe genocide committed to more than 8.000 Bosniak men and children seems to mean nothing to a “sick” group on Facebook which promotes a “sick” game titled Srebrenica 95.

There is a bizarre group on Facebook that promotes online game Srebrenica 95 where players participate in a mass mutual shootings. This group gathers mainly young players from Croatia, Serbia, B&H and other parts of the region, who are not aware that in this way they promote and support the genocide in 1995 committed to more than 8.000 Bosniak men and boys.

The game Srebrenica 95 is in fact Valveov Counter Strike with maps and servers that are created by users themselves. However, the technical side of the story is less important in comparison to the whole context that is disgusting. Also, the creators of servers charge the users of this game.

The team that plays Srebrenica 95 uses every chance to upload on video services recordings of their achievements.

Anyway, the whole thing is pretty disgusting, and the only thing that we can do now is to invite everyone to visit the official group on Facebook and to report this inappropriate content.

Visit and report the group Srebrenica 95 on Facebook  –


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