Several Thousands of People gathered on Protests in Sarajevo


Several thousands of people gathered on Saturday in Bascarsija near Sebilj, from where they started a protest walk to the building of the Parliament of Bosnia and Herzegovina at Marijin Dvor in Sarajevo, Klix.ba news portal reports.

The protest march is organized by the Platform for Progress and its president Mirsad Hadzikadic.

Also, the presidents of Narod i Pravda Elmedin Konakovic, SDP party Nermin Niksic, Nasa Stranka Predrag Kojovic, and NBL Ibrahim Hadzibajric joined the protests.

Kojovic pointed out that it was time for “people to finally say that it was enough”.

“I hope that residents from all cities will gather, from Mostar, Zenica, Tuzla, Banja Luka. The crisis has exposed this system and shown what this is essential, a state criminal organization that steals money from the budget in the most brutal way,” he said. Kojovic added that he hopes the situation in BiH will turn around after the upcoming local elections.

The president of NiP said that they came to say that they would protest in all cities.

“This is a message that such a corrupt government cannot be saved from losing the elections. We have come to announce a hot summer to the authorities. We have an affair in which respirators are procured for 10.5 million BAM, contract falsification, and Bakir Izetbegovic tells us that this is supposed to be “He repeatedly abused that honorable term, even in the affair around Asim Sarajlic, when he said that he was fighting for this state,” Konakovic said.

Niksic said that this team will be gathered in the next local elections and that they will have joint candidates for mayors.

“Everyone who thinks they can derogate from institutions in BiH will have us as enemies,” Niksic said.



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