Several Million BAM Damage in Trebinje Area after Strong Winds

The first estimates indicate that damage after the strong wind in the Trebinje area is estimated at several million BAM is stated by Trebinje Deputy Mayor Mirko Curic.

Curic, who is head of the Emergency Situation Headquarters, said that every two minutes he received a new report of damage caused by strong winds reaching up to 100 kilometers an hour until now, he received up to 500 applications.

Especially damaged is the city park and a closed swimming pool construction facility, a high school center, and private facilities where a tile or chimney were most commonly damaged.

Curic also said that the situation in the area of Trebinje is not alarming and the city services can respond to citizens’ demands.

Commander of the Trebinje Police Station Veselin Milicevic said that members of this service would increase the presence in the streets of the city during the night and the day to protect the citizens and their property.

The operational part of the Emergency Response Station is still on standby, and a warning to citizens for possible wind blows is in place today until 12 o’clock, which is why they have been advised not to leave their homes without any need.

Without supply of electricity are still a small part of the city of Trebinje, Bileća, Gacko and Berkovići have restored electricity in the afternoon, and Nevesinje Municipality is still without electricity.


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