Seventeen Pople under Medical Supervision in Bosnia-Herzegovina over Coronavirus Concerns


According to the latest data, in the Federation of Bosnia-Herzgegovina, 17 people have been placed under medical surveillance because of suspicion of coronavirus, was confirmed for “Avaz” from the Federal Ministry of Health.

Namely, it is a continuous epidemiological surveillance, carried out by the Crisis Staff in cooperation with the epidemiological services.

Nine people in Sarajevo Canton have been placed under surveillance in the past. According to the Crisis Staff, in accordance with the order of the Federal Ministry of Health, they coordinate the work of the cantonal health institutions and make recommendations according to the development of the current situation regarding the coronavirus.

“The implementation of the preparedness plan in the previous period was related to the implementation of the measure of placing people under medical supervision. In the period from 1 to 13 February, a decision was issued for nine persons to be placed under medical supervision, processing of 195 individual questionnaires and 20 sanitary questionnaires were carried out for a group of persons who were or are still staying in the Sarajevo Canton, according to a statement from the Crisis Staff of the Canton Sarajevo Ministry of Health.

Zlatan Persic, a spokesman for the Federal Ministry of Health, explains to Avaz what this is really about.

“So, these are people who have been in China for the past 14 days. These are measures implemented in all countries. Nine people are in the Canton Sarajevo, and more in the Federation. Their health status is monitored daily and is a measure that is implemented throughout February. These individuals have no symptoms and we have no suspected cases of coronavirus. These are persons who were in the endangered area and work in BiH,” said Persic.

The total number of reported cases of coronavirus in the area is still low and protection measures are in place.  The Crisis Staff of the Ministry of Health of the CS will continue to act according to the Preparedness Plan, with the aim of protecting the health of the residents of the Sarajevo Canton.

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