Seventeen EUFOR LOT Houses all over BiH bring more Security to Citizens (video)

Since the start of EUFOR’s mission, BiH has been developing into a stable and peaceful country for its citizens. As an important part of the system designed to prevent threats to the safe and secure environment, 17 EUFOR LOT Houses are there for citizens all over Bosnia and Herzegovina.
They are EUFOR’s link to local communities and authorities.

“The EUFOR teams living in these houses are the opportunity to stay in touch with EUFOR, and with your help we can maintain peace and stability throughout the country,” was stated by EUFOR.

They are guided the Coordination Centre in Camp Butmir, Sarajevo. This Coordination Centre has been installed as a part of EUFOR to have full and timely situational awareness related to events in BiH and to propose actions related to security issues.

While the EUFOR LOT houses have a limited area of responsibility, the Coordination Centre is responsible for the whole geographical area of BiH. Knowing what is important to the people of BiH enables EUFOR to provide support in maintaining a Safe and Secure Environment in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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