Session of Council of Ministers not held due to Lack of Quorum

Session of the Council of Ministers of BiH, which was scheduled for Tuesday, was not held due to lack of quorum.

This was confirmed by Deputy Chairman of the Council of Ministers of BiH and Minister of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations of BiH Mirko Sarovic, who said that this is the third time the session is being postponed on request primarily of Croat ministers.

“That is what happened today. Both Chairman and myself received a written notice from ministers and Deputy Chair of the Council of Ministers of BiH that they will not attend today’s session of the Council of Ministers of BiH due to schedule, procedural issues, the fact that appropriate materials have not been delivered,” said Sarovic.

He said he cannot specifically say whether this is an obstruction, “we will probably know in the next seven days”.

“I find it is our duty, in accordance with the Law, to attend sessions of the Council of Ministers, because that is what we are paid for and that is what citizens expect from us,” emphasized Sarovic, Federal News Agency reports.

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