December 16, 2012 8:03 PM
”Is the Anti-Dayton Rhetoric only Oratory” was the topic of today’s session of Circle 99, where professor at Faculty of Political Science in Sarajevo Suad Kurtcehajic addressed.

He said the occasion for today’s session is a document made by the Academy of Science and Art of RS on September 17 and which was officially published on the website of RS president Milorad Dodik in November, on the occasion of 17 years of Dayton Treaty.

”In my opinion, that might be the most dangerous attack on state of BiH and the document has many dangerous theses”, said Kurtcehajic before the beginning of the session.

According to him, the document firstly denies state of BiH and it states it became a state not before Dayton. It existence before Dayton is completely eliminated.

”On the one hand it eliminates middle aged Bosnian statehood, time when Bosnia was the strongest state in the Balkans during Tvrtko Kotromanic I, next its statehood within AVNOJ Yugoslavia is denied even though all constitutions of BiH in ’46, ’63 and ’74 and all constitutional amendments to the constitutions define BiH as a state, to practically deny its statehood and independence which was established by international recognition based on referendum from February 29 and March 1 in 1992 and on April 6 and 7 by the European community and the USA and on May 22 by UN”, said Kurtcehajic.

Now state of BiH is denied, they say it is a Dayton entity, that it did not exist before that and at the same time RS entity is glorified.

What I am sure of is that if the conception of the third entity would realize in BiH, that could be the end of it.

Third thing that is very important is that OHR and High Representative are constantly disputed and according to the document they are the blame for the overall situation in BiH.

”If it were not for OHR and High Representative, especially during Petritsch and Ashdown, the question is would there be BiH today”, said Kurtcehajic.

Now that policy that wants to eliminate OHR and High Representative is practically a policy that would remove a significant assumption which enables integration to BiH, added Kurtcehajic.

He stressed this document requires further actions and that ”we cannot stop here”.

Asked who should react to this, he answered all political structures and all intellectuals who want good for BiH, i.e. its preservation.

Professor Cazim Sadikovic added international community should act as well, ”those who created this Constitution and peace treaty“.

He said that the most important thing is for BiH not to hold elections in 2014 without constitutional changes, i.e. without a new Constitution.

”Our primary aim is not EU, but development of state of BiH, its democratic system, it economic progress and then EU will come as a result and product of such development, said Sadikovic.
SARAJEVO, December 16 (FENA)

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