Service for Foreigners Affairs issued an Expulsion Measure for 46 Foreign Nationals

As a result of the continuous implementation of operational activities, the Service for Foreigners Affairs issued an expulsion measure in the first two weeks of December this year due to illegal entry or stay for 46 foreign nationals including citizens of Pakistan, Morocco, Algeria, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Tunisia and Turkey.

These foreign nationals have been placed under surveillance in the Immigration Center or their movement to a certain place is restricted until they leave the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In the same period, the Service removed 23 foreign citizens from the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina who had previously been ordered to be expelled, and until their removal from the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina, they remained under supervision at the Immigration Center.

Based on the Readmission Agreement with the countries of the region, one citizen of Afghanistan was returned to the Republic of Serbia, while one citizen of Bangladesh was returned to Montenegro.

The service, independently or in cooperation with the International Organization for Migration, returned 21 foreign citizens to the countries of origin in the mentioned period, of which 17 are citizens of Turkey, two citizens of Pakistan, one citizen of Guinea and one citizen of Serbia.

Since the beginning of 2020, the Service for Foreigners has registered 15,910 migrants, and the trend of decreasing newly arrived and registered migrants in Bosnia and Herzegovina has continued.

There are currently 6,977 migrants in temporary reception centers.

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