Serbia closes all Borders for Passenger Vehicles and Pedestrians from Bosnia and Herzegovina


Passenger vehicles and pedestrians from Bosnia and Herzegovina will not be able to cross the border from Serbia from Saturday until Monday because of new measures taken in Serbia to prevent the spread of coronavirus, the Auto-Moto Federation of Republika Srpska said in a press release.

Bosnian Border Police announced that the Decision banning the crossing of the border at all international border crossings to Serbia for passenger motor vehicles and pedestrians entered into force today at 1 pm and is valid until 6 April at 5 am.

As of Saturday, entry into BiH is not allowed to foreign nationals, with the exception of persons residing in BiH, persons in need of treatment, and persons in transit through BiH without detention.

All border crossings for border traffic between Croatia and BiH have been temporarily closed.

These are the border crossings Svilaj, Gejkovac, Pašin Potok, Bogovolja, Kordunski Ljeskovac, Lika Kaldrma, Bili Brig, Aržano Pazar, Dvorine, Cera, Jovića Most, Sebišina, Slivno, Podprolog, Unka, Vukov Klanac, Imotica, Slano, Kozarska Dubica , Gabela Polje. In addition to Croatia, Montenegro has closed all border crossings to BiH. Entry into these countries is only allowed to their nationals, foreigners who have a registered residence and truck drivers.

For motor vehicles for transit through Croatia, the border crossings of Bosanska Gradiška, Bijača and Bosanski Šamac are in operation, and the Klobuk border crossing through Montenegro. Serbia has closed all border crossings to BiH, with the exception of the Karakaj, Vardište and Rača border crossings, which remain open only to goods traffic.



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