Have You seen the Beauty of Sana, the clear and cold BH Mountain River?

Sana River is a clear and cold mountain river in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Sana is the river in the territory of Bosnian Krajina and the biggest right-confluent to Una River. Besides Una River and Neretva River, it is considered as one of the most beautiful and cleanest rivers in BiH.

The water has been dubbing the hard rock for millions of years, patiently finding its ways to escape from the mysterious underground labyrinths. This beautiful pearl in the heart of the Krajina is joined by numerous springs on its path, which is creating a true paradise with beautiful green forests and untouched nature.

In its lower stream, from its spring to Kljuc, Sana is a faster river, while on its way from Kljuc to Sanski Most it has a much quieter flow. It has its largest tributary water in the place of Vrhpolje near Sanica. After Sanski Most, it loses all the features of the fast river and gets features of much more calm flow.


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