Security Minister and other Authorities to visit Camp Lipa Today

According to official announcements, the Security Minister of Bosnia and Herzegovina Selmo Cikotic should meet with the Minister of Defense Sifet Podzic, Chief of the Joint Staff of the Armed Forces of BiH Colonel General Senad Masovic, Director of the Service for Foreigners Slobodan Ujic, Prime Minister Mustafa Ruznic, Mayor of Bihac Suhret Fazic representatives of the EU Delegation and the IOM to visit the Lipa migrant camp near Bihac.

According to the announcement, they will visit the tent settlement set up by members of the Armed Forces of BiH to accommodate migrants who are at this location at 12 o’clock.

The head of the European Union Delegation and the EU Special Representative in BiH, Ambassador Johann Sattler, said yesterday that such a situation was unacceptable.

“The lives and basic human rights of several hundred people are seriously endangered. Bosnia and Herzegovina is a signatory to international human rights instruments and must fulfill its obligations, as a country aspiring to EU membership,” Sattler said.

Hundreds of migrants in the area of ​​the former temporary migrant camp “Lipa”, about 30 kilometers from Bihac, in Bosnia and Herzegovina, still refused food provided by the Red Cross of Bihac, reports Anadolija. 

They have been refusing food for the second day in protest of the conditions in which they are currently staying. 

Bad weather conditions, cold and uncertainty are still present in the area of ​​the former temporary migrant camp “Lipa”, Avaz writes.

Migrants remained under the open sky after the fire, and a solution to the current humanitarian catastrophe is still being sought. 

On Friday, the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina brought and started setting up tents at the site of the “Lipa” migrant camp in the Una-Sana Canton for the purpose of accommodating homeless migrants who found themselves in the area. 

Migrants are in despair, they say that they are not animals but people, “We are freezing here, help”, “We want EU help”, “We are immigrants, we are not criminals” …

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