Security Commission of Federal Parliament to discuss Reserve Police Force

The Security Commission of the House of Representatives of the Parliament of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina will meet today to discuss the response of the entity of the Federation of BiH to the announcement of the formation of a reserve police department of the Republika Srpska Ministry of Interior.

The Chairman of the Commission Damir Masic confirmed the information to Federal News Agency saying that the session should go in two directions. The first one to suspend all activities related to the formation of the composition in RS and the second one is to start reforming police structures in BiH, within one system.

“We cannot perceive RS and Brcko District as separate territories and we have to find possible directions of action in light of current proposals and legal solutions in the area of security RS National Assembly,” Masic said.

An emergency session of the Security Commission was scheduled for 13 o’clock in the Federal Parliament building, and the call was sent to Federal Prime Minister Fadil Novalic, Federal Minister of Interior Aljosa Campara, Deputy Director of Federal Police Administration, Ensad Korman, and representatives of other competent institutions.

The hope is expressed that the session will also encourage members of international organizations, especially the OHR and the Peace Implementation Council, which should not be silent observers of such events in BiH.

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