The Secret of Embargo Violation: Sarajevo bombed with Israeli Shells?!

War Scars Sarajevo 13Although Israel refused to release information about the arming of the Serbian army during the war, a diary of Ratko Mladic and shells with Hebrew inscription found near Sarajevo showed that their weapons found their way to BiH.

The thesis that Israel has violated the decision of the Security Council of the United Nations (UN) on the arms embargo in BiH from September 1991, is represented by Israeli lawyer Eitay Mack and Professor Yair Auron.

Auron together with Mack filed an appeal to the Supreme Court of Israel in order to demonstrate that this country violated the embargo.

“I’m doing the scientific research of genocide. I’m taking this fight because of the moral importance as a human being, as a Jew and an Israeli,” said Auron answering the question of why it is important to prove that Israel has violated the embargo.

While presenting the evidence before the Court, the parts of the diaries of Ratko Mladic, former commander of the Army of the RS (VRS) who is charged with genocide and war crimes in BiH at the Hague Tribunal, were presented.

“The diary notes are non-binding documents that he wrote in one phase and does not deny them. The offer was possible and whether something like that actually happened, I do not know,” said Miodrag Stojanovic, Defense Attorney of Indictee Mladic.

The Court of Israel rejected the appeal of Mack and Auron in October last year, but they say they will find a way to continue to fight to prove their thesis. The two men claim to know that the Israeli bombs were dropped around Sarajevo. They have no evidence that the Israeli shells were fired in the massacre at Markale market and in Srebrenica.

The Cabinet of Professor Berka Zecevic at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Sarajevo is an artillery projectile “155 millimeters – M107”, which contains inscription in Hebrew. The missile was found in 1992 in the area of Zuc (Sarajevo).

“It did not explode, we removed the explosives and I kept missile as a rarity. In my opinion, this should be a missile from a ship convoy that went to Rijeka in 1991, which was intended for the Army of Croatia,” said Zecevic.

According to him, the ship was stopped and redirected towards Montenegro and there is no official information about where the ammunition ended up.

(Source: faktor.ba)


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