SDP BiH, SBB, HDZ BiH and HDZ 1990 want the reconstruction of the Government of FBiH

December 28, 2012 12:46 PM

Yesterday in Mostar, leaders of four political parties that form a new parliamentary majority have agreed to call a vote of no confidence for the Executive of FBiH,  which will pave the road for the its reconstruction.

Leader of HDZ BiH Dragan Čović, HDZ 1990 Božo Ljubić, SDP BiH Zlatko Lagumdžija and SBB BiH Fahrudin Radončić said that they have a detailed plan, but first they will present it to the international community; to High Representative for BiH Valentin Inzko, to European Union Special Representative for BiH Peter Sørensen , to the Ambassador of the USA in BiH Patrick Moon. Leaders said that they will ask for help from the International community in reconstructing the Government.

None of the leader wanted to talk about details of the plan, but they did say that they are very determined that the new parliamentary majority establishes a new government, and continues to work on the stabilisation of FBiH.

Čović said that the plan will be presented to the International Community on the 8th and 9th January.

Čović added that the current Prime Minister of FBiH Nermin Nikšić has the support of four parties that form the new parliamentary majority, and he added that Nikšić would remain a prime minister of FBiH.

Talking about the possibilities of further obstruction, Čović said that the Constitution of FBiH is very complex and complicated, and because of that there are many ways to obstruct the reconstruction.

Ljubić said that HDZ BiH and HDZ 1990 will not be a part of parliamentary majority until they become a part of the Government.

” Agreeing to call a vote of no confidence for the Government of FBiH will oblige the leaders of FBiH   to solve the problem’’, said Ljubić.

He added that the four parliamentary parties have two-thirds majority in the Parliament of FBiH to form a new government, but they will first acquaint the International community about their plans, because the International Community is also the creator of present status of the Government, and they are also helping BiH on its path to the EU and NATO.

Lagumdžija said that the current Government of FBiH does not have the confidence of the current parliamentary majority.

Lagumdžija said: ” We will use all the legal procedures to achieve the goal of the new parliamentary majority. Current government does have the confidence of the new majority, and when we do call a vote of no confidence, the current Government will work until the forming of the new one. We want to send a message to the International community that they also should take part in the reconstruction of the government, and if not, they at least could help in creating new culture of democracy and ways of dealing with similar crises in manner appropriate to parliamentary democracies.’’

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