School of Law Students in Visit to Court of BiH

On 26 September 2019, students of the School of Law, University of Sarajevo, visited the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina. During the first part of the visit, the students were welcomed by Mr. Irhad Bilić, legal advisor to the court president and Head of the Public Information and Outreach Section (PIOS). During the educational part of the visit, the students talked with representatives of the Legal Department, Witness Support Section, Court Management Section and PIOS, and were informed about the Court’s method of operation so as to learn more about the work of this important judicial institution. Following the presentations, the students were able to monitor a court hearing held before Section II for Organized Crime, Economic Crime and Corruption.

The visit was organized in the framework of implementation of activities from within the “Monitoring, Advocacy and Legal Advice Center (M-ALAC)“project” signed by the Court of BiH and the Global Coalition Against Corruption “Transparency International” in u BiH. Project objectives include building a network of law students who will, through training and through active monitoring of trials of corruption, be better informed about the operation of judicial institutions and the development of an open dialogue on the work of the judiciary in corruption cases.

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