School, in which Two Brothers were the only Students, officially closed

The regional school in Donja Britvica near Siroki Brijeg whose only students were two brothers, Stipe and Franjo Crnjac, will be closed on Monday.

Eleven-years old Stipe goes to school in Siroki Brijeg, and now, the younger Franjo would be the only student in the school, but since this is not good for socializing the child, Franjo will continue his education in nearby Dobrkovici.

According to the boy’s mother, Dubravka Crnjac from the ministry of West Herzegovina County, city services were fair regarding their case.

“There are no children and another option needs to be found. Public transport does not exist on this route, but the ministry and the city have told us that there is a fee for parents who will be allocated for transporting boys to school,” Dubravka Crnjac told Federal News Agency.

Franjo will travel five kilometers away to Dobrkovici, where he will be in class with several other children, while there will be about fifty of them in the whole school.

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