Scalan: Citizens need to have full Confidence in the Police in Brcko District


Brcko District Supervisor and Principal Deputy High Representative Michael Scanlan commended the Brcko District Police for their efforts and actions in combatting organized crime within the District but also corruption within the police force, thus making the Brcko District a safer place for all of its citizens.

“Citizens need to have full confidence in the police, in their professionalism, and to know that no one is above the law. Public interests must always be the guiding principle for every public servant and the most recent actions undertaken by the Brcko District Police stand as a model of public service to the community. I commend the Brcko District Police for doing their part to strengthen the rule of law and in increasing the public’s trust in the police. On this path they will have my full support,” Supervisor Scanlan stated.

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