Sattler: EU will prepare a Special Program of Support for Economy of Bosnia and Herzegovina



Chairman of Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina Zoran Tegeltija spoke in Sarajevo with Head of the EU Delegation to BiH, Ambassador Johann Sattler, about the current epidemiological situation in BiH and the region caused by the outbreak of coronavirus.

Chairman Tegeltija emphasized that the competent institutions in BiH reacted in a timely manner and undertook the necessary activities aimed at eliminating the consequences caused by the coronavirus.

In his conversation with Ambassador Sattler, Chairman Tegeltija urged all EU member states to show more solidarity with the Western Balkan countries, which also face major challenges with the emergence of coronavirus.

The Head of the EU Delegation to BiH expressed his readiness to assist in the procurement of medical equipment to health institutions in BiH and stressed that the European Union will prepare a special program of support for the BiH economy and the Western Balkans, following the end of the crisis caused by the emergence of the coronavirus.

The interlocutors also exchanged views on other current political and economic topics.

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