Sattler comments on changes to the Work of the Bosnia-Herzegovina’s Constitutional Court


European Union Special Representative to Bosnia-Herzegovina Johann Sattler said that changes to the work of the Bosnia-Herzegovina’s Constitutional Court are possible, but that they need to go through structures and procedures.

“Citizens expect politicians to find a solution and that is now the number one priority,” Sattler told Oslobođenje newspapers.

He believes that it is possible for Bosnia-Herzegovina to get out of the current situation without pressure from an external factor.

“I think it is possible, but one of the preconditions is that there is goodwill and a certain amount of creativity that will allow local leaders to come together at the same table and discuss solutions,” Sattler said.

Sattler sees his own and the work of other international representatives in finding solutions in BiH in keeping channels of communication open and providing assistance.

“But before we do anything, we need to see that there is a will and a willingness,” Sattler said.

Last week, Member of the Presidency of Bosnia-Herzegovina and leader of the Alliance of Independent Social Democrats (SNSD Party), Milorad Dodik, said at the National Assembly session, “goodbye Bosnia-Herzegovina, Republika Srpska is leaving.”

Addressing the Republika Srpska National Assembly at a special session called to discuss the latest decisions of the BiH Constitutional Court, Dodik said in English, “Goodbye BiH, welcome RS-exit”, Fena reports.

Dodik stated that they naively believed that they would stop when they abolished RS national symbols. Some ambassadors claim that there is nothing else to do but to respect the Constitutional Court and its decisions.

This is an equal situation to the one where people were taken fascist camps being left there in despair, and who only expected of those who were killing them that they would eventually stop, that they would become humans.

Dodik send a message that everything will be seen in 60 days, and that he believes they will stay true to what he has said at the beginning.

He added that they should not hesitate in making decisions that are important for the past, present and future of the RS.

“The RS and the Serb people have no chance in BiH,” he concluded.




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