”Sarajevo Winter 2013” under the motto ”Art of Touch”

Traditional manifestation of culture and art- the XXIX International festival ”Sarajevo Winter 2013” which will be held from 7 February to 21 March, will as usual be a meeting of artist from all over the world, and this year’s motto of the festival is ”Art of Touch”

Festival is organised by International Centre for Peace Sarajevo, and the special guest of the festival is Republic of Ireland, the holder of Presidency of the Council of the European Union.

Different arts will be presented at the festival: performing arts, visual arts, music, poetry, and there will also be a special children’s program.

On today’s press conference which was held in the premises of Bosnian Cultural Centre (BKC), manager of the Festival Ibrahim Spahić, manager of BKC Rijad Herić, selector for theatre Dragan Jovičić, selector for literature Sabahudin Hadžialić and selector for music Lejla Alimanović talked about the festival.

International Festival ”Sarajevo Winter” is the winner of numerous international awards, and the most significant award of the city of Sarajevo ”Šestoaprilska nagrada Sarajeva”.

”First festival ”Sarajevo Winter” was held in 1984 and 1985, and from that time to this day there were 1 254 days of ”Sarajevo Winter” with 3535 different exhibitions and plays and over 3 million visitors and 32 810 of participants. Festival ”Sarajevo Winter” was continuously organised through all these years and it became the symbol freedom, art and meeting of different cultures and civilizations; festival of live, youth and critical thought.’’, said Ibrahim Spahić.

Jovičić said that the in cooperation with Vedran Fajković , out of 60, they chose 14 plays which will be presented to Sarajevo audience during the festival.

Alimanović said that the music program will be diverse and all generations will be able to enjoy it.

Literary program will also bring diversity to festival. ”Sarajevo winter” will be the host of 251 authors from 60 countries of the world, and the most significant event is the poetic marathon ”Diogenes searches for an honest man” which will be held on 21 March in Svrzina kuća (Svrza’s house).

Expert jury of the festival will chose the best works from each category and award it with the award of Sarajevo winter ”Srebrna pahuljica” (The Silver Snowflake).

President of the jury is Muhamed Dželilović (theatre), and members of the jury are Asja Mandić (visual arts), Slaviša Mašić (film and video), Edina Papo (dance), Višnja Bakalar (music), and Nina Alihodžić-Hadžalić (literature).

This year’s novelty is that media and journalist will also be able to choose their winner.

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