Sarajevo will receive a New Cinema Multiplex Complex

As of next year, Sarajevo will receive a new cinema multiplex complex at the Marijin Dvor settlement.

Cinema Cineplex will be fully equipped and will have eight halls of up to 1,400 seats.

“In partnership with the Cineplex Management Board of Austria and the selfless help of the Sarajevo Film Festival management, the hotel group Europe started building a 5,000-square-meter business building close to the Holiday Hotel,” was confirmed the owner and CEO of the Europe Group Rasim Bajrovic.

He stressed that the solemn opening of the multiplex of the cinema will be held in June 2020 and that the opening of Cineplexx in the capital of BiH will have an undeniable contribution in the cultural and economic sense.

“Its social significance will be enormous, as it will also make the Sarajevo Film Festival even faster growth and development in the region and beyond,” Bajrovic said.

He added that the Cineplex international, SFF and Europe group create the conditions for the city of Sarajevo to be the epicenter of culture, film, fun and faster tourism development.

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