Sarajevo soon to be connected with London, Paris and Rome?

FlyBosnia is planning on introducing its first European destinations to its route network following the launch of flights to Saudi Arabia and Kuwait earlier this month. The airline has put up adverts across Sarajevo announcing that London, Paris and Rome will be its first European points and are “coming soon”. FlyBosnia previously said it was considering both Gatwick and Luton airports for its London operations. As a result of the new European flights, the airline will link Sarajevo with the UK for the first time since British Airways discontinued services to Bosnia and Herzegovina’s capital in 2009, while operations to Paris will resume over a decade after Air France suspended its flights to Sarajevo.
FlyBosnia recently said, “We are a niche airline designed to provide affordable, direct flights to key destinations where we know there is demand. We have conducted extensive market research into creating an innovative and sustainable concept”. It had hoped to already be operating revenue flights to a number of European cities, however, “Due to the high demand for airport slots, as well as airspace congestion, the drafting of our schedule is taking longer than expected”, it said recently. FlyBosnia currently has two Airbus A319 aircraft in its fleet. It will take a further two A319s in “the coming quarters”. “These aircraft will enable FlyBosnia to progressively expand its destination network as it builds up to a planned eight-member fleet by 2023”, the company said.
The airline recently inked a deal with local tour operator Globtour Event Sarajevo for the sale of its tickets. The company also plans to operate charter flights which will cater for religious pilgrims visiting Mostar. As a result, it has partnered with the Italian charter service provider SoleAir in order to run such flights. Furthermore, FlyBosnia is seeking EASA rated Airbus A320-family Captains and First Officers for a minimum six-month contract. “This in an urgent requirement with assessments to take place on June 22 and July 1”, the airline’s recruiter, AeroProfessional, said, Ex Yu Aviation news reports.

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