Sarajevo said goodbye to the famous Artist – Dorde Balasevic

In memory of Djordje Balasevic, the famous singer-songwriter from Novi Sad, who passed away on Friday, the Sarajevo City Hall was lit, and also citizens lit candles for him on the plateau in front of the Skenderija Cultural and Sports Center.

Balasevic died on Friday at the age of 67 at the Clinical Center of Vojvodina (CCV), where he was being treated for Covid-19.

On Friday, his fans in Novi Sad said goodbye to him, who lit candles in front of his house in Street of Jovana Cvijica in Novi Sad. Several hundred people gathered in the central square.

He started his career in 1977 in the pop-rock band “Zetva”, and it was developed with a great project by Balasevic through the group “Rani Mraz”. However, he later decided on a solo career, and on the first album there was a song that became a hit: “Boza zvani pub”. His upcoming albums brought new hits.

Balasevic held a concert in Sarajevo in 1998. After this concert, he was proclaimed a goodwill ambassador of the United Nations.

His songs were loved by people of all generations.

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