Sarajevo records Drop in Air Pollutant Concentrations!

Due to the recorded drop in air pollutant concentrations, the Expert Body for Coordination and Supervision, according to the provisions of the Plan of Intervention Measures in Cases of Excessive Air Pollution, made a decision today to cancel the episode “Preparedness” in all zones in Sarajevo Canton.

This decision came after the measurement of concentrations of pollutants in the air in the Sarajevo Canton at the automatic stations Vijecnica, Otoka, Ilidza and Ilijas recorded a significant decrease in the measured values ​​for PM10 particulate matter in the air yesterday.

This trend of declining concentration, as noted, has continued today. Also, other monitored pollutants in the previous days did not record exceeding the limit values. At the same time, according to the synoptic forecast of the Federal Hydrometeorological Institute, unstable weather is expected in the next three days with occasional precipitation, no temperature inversion, and increased wind.

In accordance with the Plan of Intervention Measures, the Expert Body will continue to continuously monitor the state of air quality and meteorological conditions, and inform the public about all this in a timely manner.

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