Sarajevo Mayor allocates 60,000 BAM to Soup Kitchens

Sarajevo Mayor Abdulah Skaka signed an agreement with the representatives of the soup kitchens on the financial support of the City of Sarajevo to these institutions worth more than 60,000 BAM.

With gratitude for selfless commitment, Skaka said that they do not only share material goods to the users, but give them a nice word and feeling that they are not left alone.

“Although people will always be in a state of social need, we sincerely hope you will have less and less jobs in the future. The city of Sarajevo will always be with you,” the mayor said.

The City of Sarajevo has helped public kitchens: Red Cross / KS Cross, Merhamet Charity Association, Musical Charity Society, Stari Grad National Association, Association of Charity Organizations “The Bread of St. Ante “, The Association of Humanitarian Pastoral Organizations” Caritas Vrhbosanska “and the Serbian Charity Association” Dobrotvor “.

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