Sarajevo is officially the most polluted City in the World!


Sarajevo was officially the most polluted capital in the world on Friday evening.

According to the information provided on the AirVisual page, the air quality index of 489 was measured in Sarajevo at 7 pm, which is extremely dangerous.

After Sarajevo, it comes Bangladesh’s capital Dhaka, with an index of 281.

Delhi, Kabul and Canberra are the following cities, but, it should be noted that the air in the Australian capital, Canberra, has also been polluted by the catastrophic wildfires.

At the same time, the Eco Action Association issued a warning to residents of Sarajevo about unhealthy air in the city. “This kind of air can cause serious consequences for the entire population! Any effort should be avoided during your stay outside.”

The most vulnerable categories of the population are pregnant women, the elderly and children, people with respiratory and cardiac problems, and they should remain indoors.

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