Sarajevo International Airport increased the Number of Check-in Counters

November 11, 2017 3:30 PM

A part of the measures intended to expand the capacity and improve the services of the Sarajevo International Airport, the number of counters for passenger registration has been increased and the luggage bag system has been expanded and modernized.

The number of check-in counters has increased from 12 to 15 and two self-check-in counters for passenger registration have been installed, it was announced from Sarajevo International Airport. From now on, another X-ray device for luggage will be in operation. Also, a new configuration of the luggage system with two conveyor belts will significantly improve the reliability of the system in the transport, sorting and loading of luggage.

During the works that lasted a month, Sarajevo International Airport created the necessary procedures and increased the number of employees so that the transfer of luggage would take place smoothly for the duration of the works and testing of the system, with the aim of constantly providing the highest level of service to passengers.

Considering the exceptional and continuous growth of the number of serviced passengers, airline operations and total cargo traffic in the previous period, as well as the fact that Sarajevo International Airport is approaching a million passengers a year, this project is also a preparatory activity within the implementation of the strategy “Modernization and Upgrading Terminal B”.

Sarajevo International Airport has always successfully met all challenges and fulfilled all tasks that accompany such a significant and rapid increase in the number of passengers and airlines, and will continue activities with the aim of providing the highest quality service to our passengers and business partners, they said in a statement.



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