Sarajevo to be Host of the Austrian Ball for the First Time

City Hall Exterior radiosarajevo.baSarajevo will be the host of the first Austrian Ball and thus become part of a worldwide family of cities such as Paris, London, Tokyo and St. Petersburg, in which Viennese balls are held.

With these words, Austrian Ambassador to BiH Martin Pammer announced Austrian Ball that will be held for the first time in Sarajevo on the 20th of May, and, according to him, in the most beautiful building in the capital city of BiH, the Sarajevo City Hall.

The organizer of this ball is the Embassy of Austria in BiH with the cooperation and support of the City of Vienna and Sarajevo, as well as the Dance club Aster from Sarajevo and the non-government organization Urban Management.

Ambassador of Austria said that his country marks the 150th birthday of the famous waltz The Blue Danube this year, which represents the other anthem of the Republic of Austria in some way.

The aim of the organization of this event, noted Pammer, is building a culture of dance, the involvement of all segments of society and the attempt for this event to become a tradition and an attraction for the citizens of Sarajevo, as well as the intention “to show to the whole world that Sarajevo has its own ball as well”.

Mayor of Sarajevo Abdulah Skaka accepted this initiative on behalf of the City of Sarajevo and offered his full support, adding that the maintenance of this ball actually represents a continuation of good cooperation between Vienna and Sarajevo, as well as BiH and Austria.

He expressed his confidence that this event will complete the offer of the City of Sarajevo, and that these and similar events will be realized in the future in Sarajevo as well.

“I’m very happy about the fact that I get to be the host and open the first dance,” said the Mayor, and invited all citizens of Sarajevo to attend “this beautiful event for the capital city of BiH.”


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