Sarajevo Hospital rejected Chinese Respirators

After Mostar’s University Clinical Hospital, Sarajevo’s General Hospital, does not want to accept respirators imported from China by the company “Srebrena Malina”, which are distributed by the Federal Civil Protection Administration.

The head of the Covid department of the General Hospital, Ednan Drljevic, stated that no one in that department even asked them about it, and they should, and announced that the respirators would not be admitted because they should first be examined by the admission commission of this health institution, Avaz writes.

According to him, then the service technicians should do a zero service, after which verification will follow that it is known that the respirators are correct and ready for use.

Drljevic said that only then can it be decided whether the respirators will be admitted or not to the General Hospital, and not to be sent by the Federal Civil Protection Administration, regardless of the fact that this institution did not even ask for them.

”We sent them a letter. They wanted our technical service, without notifying management. Then we forbade it because we have a commission for admission. The management will contact that commission, to decide for those respirators,” Drljevic said for N1.

He explained that the disputed respirators have connections that do not match the sockets.

”And we have two, which we got from the Emirates and thank them, I think they are identical, but we can’t try them because even those sockets that are Chinese do not match our sockets for air and oxygen, we don’t have a servicer who will do zero service . So it is useless to us,” Drljevic added.

In April, the company “Srebrena Malina”, owned by Fikret Hodzic, imported 100 respirators from China for the needs of the Federation of BiH, which it paid 10.5 million BAM for, and which were subsequently determined to have a system failure. The procurement of these respirators is the subject of an investigation by the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH.

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