Sarajevo got 26 Modern Buses with ACs and Cameras for Public Transport

September 16, 2017 4:15 PM

The cantonal public communal company GRAS will start operating 26 buses next week, which will increase quality, comfort and regularity of that mode of public transport.

The cantonal prime minister Elmedin Konakovic expressed satisfaction with GRAS’s efforts to normalize public transport and announced improvements in other modes of public transport.

“Now, we can prove to those who didn’t want to buy monthly tickets due to the irregularity of the schedule that all lines will be covered at the level that’s necessary. The trams are already at that level and I think that we’ll soon have improvements with the trolley and minibus,” he said.

The responsible minister Mujo Fiso says that the acquirement of those buses was jointly financed by GRAS and the Government of the Canton and emphasized that the buses are environmentally-friendly and use natural gas instead of ordinary gas and that they emit fewer damaging gases, which is very important considering the pollution problem in Sarajevo.

The director of GRAS Haris Gusic says that the acquisition of new buses is an improvement for GRAS and its workers and announced that it won’t stop at that. He called on citizens to not destroy the vehicles.

Of the 26 MAN and Neoplan vehicles, 11 are joint vehicles as 15 are solo ones. They are low so invalids can get on board, as well, and most of them have air conditioners and security cameras. The capacity of a solo vehicles is 80 passengers, while the capacity of a joint vehicle is 80.




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