“Sarajevo fight 2″ at the Sarajevo ”Youth Center”

December 11, 2012 10:07 AM

K1 tournament “Sarajevo fight 2″ will be held on the 20th December in Sarajevo, and the president of the kick box club ” Scorpion” and the organizer of the tournament Haris Sipović said that everything is ready for this particular event.

The ” Sarajevo Fight 2” needs to be ahead of the previous tournament in all segments. The fighters are here, the media campaign is in process, and the organizers can’t wait for the fights to begin”- said Sipović

Eight fighters from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Germany, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia and Turkey will compete on the tournament.

The participants of the tournament are: Bahrudin Mahmić (B&H), Mesud Selimović (B&H), Josip Semren (B&H), Almedin Hasanagić (Germany), Sašo Klinc (Slovenia), Vladimir Lekić (Serbia), Omer Tekin (Turkey) and Luka Žeželić (Croatia).

There will be 1.200 tickets released for sale, for the prise of 10 BAM,

The tournament will be held at the Sarajevo ”Youth Center” Skenderija at 20:00 p.m.

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