Sarajevo Canton Without Gas & Employees of Toplana and Sarajevogas Without Salaries

March 31, 2014 4:30 PM

GASNI SISTEM U SARAJEVU NA GRANICAMA TEHNIÈKIH MOGUÆNOSTI“It is clear that B&H Gas will shut down the complete flow of gas in Sarajevo canton because it demanded the debt for the February invoice to be paid and the Canton Sarajevo is unable to do so”, announced Minister of Physical Planning and Environment Protection of Sarajevo Canton Zlatko Petrović at today’s session of Sarajevo Canton Assembly.

“BH Gas unconditionally seeks that the debt for February 2014 of 1.8 million BAM to be paid until Wednesday at 12:00, and we do not have this money because they are not planned in the budget”, said Petrović.

Regarding the decision to suspend salaries, he said that this decision is inspired by the general situation of the energy system of Sarajevo Canton.

Petrović emphasized that there are major problems in regard to the payment of current invoices.

“The first reason is that the prices are high. The second reason is that there is no help from the budget of Sarajevo Canton to compensate the loss in Toplana operations between the real economic prices and non-economic prices”, said Petrović.

Petrović added that the complete stoppage of gas in Sarajevo Canton is possible.

“It is legal to suspend the payment of salaries of these enterprises. It will not lead to the wage reduction of employees of communal companies, but if it comes to a complete collapse of the entire system, then there will be negative effects. It is not about salary reductions but about adapting to the dynamics of wage payments in accordance to the real financial capabilities of companies” he explained.

He emphasized that he is against the adoption of the budget proposal at the session of Sarajevo Canton government because financials means to cover losses is not foreseen.

(Source: Fena)

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