Sarajevo Canton Prime Minister Mario Nenadic hospitalized

Sarajevo Canton Prime Minister Mario Nenadic was hospitalized yesterday for a mild stroke.

As confirmed to Avaz by the president of the SBB Canton of Sarajevo Canton, Anis Krivic, he is feeling well and in stable health.

“We spoke and he confirmed that he was feeling well. It is obvious that fatigue has done its thing. It is no wonder that this situation happened, since we have been working a lot since March 3, and that pace is not for people, but for machines. Sometimes computers fail, so it’s no wonder that it broke out in our country, somewhere. I believe that our Prime Minister Nenadic is much stronger than this situation and that we will come out together as winners,” Krivic said.

Nenadic is placed at the Clinical Center of the University of Sarajevo, at the Neurology Clinic, where he will stay until further notice.

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