Sarajevo Canton Police to buy 1 million BAM worth Weapons?

March 6, 2018 9:30 AM

The Ministry of the Internal Affairs (MIA) of Canton Sarajevo is planning to purchase weapons in the year of 2018, and they itwill allocate more than one million BAM for it.

According to plans, the process of procurement should be realized in the second, third and fourth quarters of this year. The type and quantity of weapons was not specified.

A total of 1.150.000 BAM will be allocated for the procurement of special police equipment, i.e. weapons, according to the Procurement Plan of the Police Administration of the MIA CS for this year. This represents a limited process with a special regime of import, and within it will be used the Ordinance on Defense and Security.

“This is a regular procurement, renewal of the equipment. The public call will be announced, and we will see who will fulfil the criteria. We will purchase police, i.e. defense weapons,” said the commissioner of MIA CS, Mevludin Halilovic.

From the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations of BiH was stated that they did not receive any request for the import of weapons. However, this ministry issues licenses for import, export, brokering and transport of weapons and military equipment, and exports and imports of weapons and military equipment in accordance with the Law on the Control of Foreign Trade in Weapons and Military Equipment.

Moreover, the Ministry of the Herzegovina-Neretva Canton is planning the procurement of weapons this year as well. This canton will purchase guns, snipers and automatic rifles whose value will amount to 338,500 BAM. They are planning to purchase guns worth 120,000 BAM, snipers worth 40,000 BAM and automatic rifles worth 178,500 BAM.

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