Sarajevo Canton Government seeking Donations from Citizens to fight Coronavirus!


As it was published on the official website of the Government of the Sarajevo Canton, the Ministry of Finance has opened an account for payment of funds, Klix.ba news portal reports.

“The Sarajevo Canton Ministry of Finance informs all legal entities and individuals in the country and abroad that donations to combat the pandemic of the coronavirus can be deposited into the deposit account of the Sarajevo Canton,” the statement said, which received strong outrage from the public in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The Sarajevo Canton Government has announced that funds in the amount of 720,000 BAM (60,000 BAM from each ministry) have been provided, “which has created the preconditions for the implementation of the Agreement between the Government of Canton Sarajevo and UNDP on joint procurement of respirators, which is expected to be signed soon”.

In addition, all members of the Government, Prime Minister and ministers, will pay one-third of their salaries to this account. After this announcement was shared on the Government’s official Facebook profile, there were reactions of many citizens because the richest canton in the country asked for a donation.

Particularly outraged are those citizens who have lost their jobs in the midst of a coronavirus pandemic.


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