Sarajevo Airport to purchase Six Million BAM worth Explosive Detection System

Sarajevo International Airport has issued a public call for the procurement of an explosives detection system (EDS). As stated in the tender documentation, the value of the procurement is 6.38 million BAM, and the contract will be awarded to the bidder who submits the best evaluated acceptable bid.

Bids in which the delivery deadline is longer than 210 days will be declared unacceptable, and the implementation of the e-auction procedure is envisaged, for the price criterion.

The technical specification of the required system states that both EDS must be designed and capable of automatically detecting and marking explosive material with an alarm contained in luggage or other consignments in accordance with ECAC standard 3.1 on a bag-by-bag basis by an external command. with the B / C / S system.

All certifications must be achieved at a conveyor speed of 0.5 m / s. Also, it is stated that automatic detection of lithium batteries and hazardous materials is required: flammable liquid and solid substances, liquid and compressed gases …

In addition to the delivery and installation of the system, it is necessary to perform staff training. The deadline for receipt of bids is March 2, eKapija writes.

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