Sarajevo Airport records the worst Year in the last Two Decades

Sarajevo Airport served 249,642 passengers last year. Compared to 2019, when 1,143,680 passengers were served, which was also a record result, this figure represents a decrease of 78.2%.

December was the month with the fewest passengers since the airport reopened to commercial traffic in June, and during the last month of the year, 13,367 passengers passed through Sarajevo Airport, Biznis Info writes.

In December 2019, the airport served 57,718 passengers, so it is evident that this is a big drop. During the year, the smallest number of passengers passed through the airport in May – only 367, and in June – 929.

This result is the weakest since 2001. At that time, 323,499 passengers were recorded, and that number was constantly growing, so that in 2018 it would exceed one million.

Sarajevo Airport is not the only one with a bad result this year. The coronavirus pandemic has affected all airports and airlines in the world.

The European Air Safety Organization (EUROCONTROL) said 2020 was the worst year for the European aviation industry ever.

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