Salary in Republika Srpska Entity enough for 48 Percent of Consumer Basket


The average salary in January in Republika Srpska (RS) entity of 914 BAM was enough for only 47.6 percent of the consumer basket, which costs 1,916 BAM.

The largest amount of money was needed for the purchase of food, namely 713 BAM, for housing and utilities 587 BAM, and for the current household maintenance of 106 BAM.

The Federation of Trade Unions of RS calculated that the purchase of footwear and clothing last month cost 136 BAM, hygiene and health care 89 BAM, transportation 200 BAM, and education and culture 82 BAM. The highest average salary in January was paid in the field of financial activities and insurance and amounted to 1,430 BAM, and the lowest in the field of construction – 648 BAM.

The average January salary in the RS of 914 BAM is lower by 25 BAM compared to December. Low average salaries in January 2020 were received by workers in the arts, entertainment and recreation sector 670 BAM, employees in administrative and support service activities 664 BAM, as well as employees in the field of accommodation, preparation and serving food, hotel and catering, whose January average salary was 694 BAM.

The union added that low salaries were also paid to employees in the transportation and storage business of 719 BAM, as well as in the trade of 713 BAM, Fena news agency reports.



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